Fire+Ice Wellness was created in October of 2017 with one Vision in mind. This Vision was to create a Family that is Happy, Healthy, and Motivated. We knew we wanted to accomplish this through excellent Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.


We had 5 basic Values we wanted to use as a guide to not only keep us on track but create a team of like minded individuals that could help us reach more people. These Values would also allow us to establish a wonderful community of people with similar goals, visions, and that we truly loved being around.


 Fire+Ice Core Values:

  • Consistency=Results: We not only believe this is true when it comes to health and fitness but in all areas of our lives. If we continue to make small consistent changes for the better, all areas improve. We want members and coaches that will show up consistently and put in the hard work even when life gets tough.
  • Do Hard Things: Again we have noticed not only in the gym but outside as well, when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations we learn and grow from those situations. If we just did things we loved and that were easy all the time we as humans wouldn’t see much growth. Humans were meant to adapt. Adaptation comes from doing hard things.
  • Truly Care: We want our team and our community to not only care about their well being but to truly care about others. We absolutely love when we see members of our community cheering and celebrating others success, no matter how big or small. We believe if you truly care to help others you will be rewarded 10 fold.
  • No Excuses: We’ve been in the fitness industry for a long time. Although we understand life can be brutal sometimes, we also understand we are in complete control of the choices we want to make. Again we apply this to all areas of our lives. If we hate what we do for a living, don’t complain, we can do something about it. If we are in a toxic relationship, we can do something about it. Too many people take the easy way out and just continue to make excuse, after excuse. We want people that want to be apart of our community to take 100% responsibility for their actions and stop make excuses.
  • Surround yourself with positivity: This may be one of the hardest values to follow. Sadly, sometimes the people we are closes too could be bringing us down. In order to be successful in Fitness and other areas we must surround ourselves with positive people that will encourage us to be better. A positive environment is huge when it comes to making progress in life. If others bring negativity into our life, maybe it’s time we take a close look and decide if they really need to be in our life. Our goal here at F+I is to only surround ourselves, our team, and our community with positivity.